Episode 012 — Happy New Year 2018!

Today’s topics include:
* The Knitters Book Club Knit Along!
*  What we are wearing
*  The Sweat Shop of Love
*  Our Resolutions for 2018
Today’s stash hiding space was shared by CatCameo on Ravelry.  This knitter does not actually store yarn in her hubcaps but has considered it ever since her husband found her stash in the office cabinets!  Ha, ha!  Thank you for the chuckle, CatCameo!
The Knitters Book Club Knit Along
The Knitters Book Club has begun!  This knit along runs from January 1st thru March 31st, 2018.  Over the course of the next three months, we will read “A Stash of One’s Own” by Clara Parkes and knit a project designed by one of the contributors.  Some of you have asked, “who are the contributors?”.  Well, besides Clara Parkes herself, you can choose a project designed by Susan B. Anderson, Rachel Atkinson, Kay Gardiner, Franklin Habit, Anna Maltz, Kim McBrien Evans, Amy Christoffers, Amy Herzog, Gudrun Johnston, The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl McPhee), Ann Shayne, Debbie Stoller, Meg Swansen, or Kristine Vejar.  Projects range from small to big, from simple to complicated.  You choose what you are in the mood for!
What makes this Knit Along unique is we plan to host Google Hang Outs on the last Friday of each month.  The very first  Google Hang Out will take place Friday, January 26th at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time.  We will provide links in the Ravelry Forum.  This will give us the opportunity to discuss the book and swoon over everyone’s knitting “face to face”, almost like a real book club!
We also plan to share pictures and ideas through Ravelry and Instagram.  So, if you are not interested or able to use Google Hang Out, you can still participate.  Please see the threads in our Ravelry Group and use #KnittersBookClubKAL on Instagram.
For the Knit Along, Tara casted on a pair of Smooth Operator Socks by Susan B. Anderson using Gynx Yarn Self-Striping Gingerbread House in the Glitz Base.  Tara plans to knit a second pair of socks by Susan B. Anderson, the Smooth Operator Heart Socks.
Ashley plans to cast on the Ruche Beret by Susan B. Anderson using yarn by the Plucky Knitter.
What We Are Wearing
Ashley has been wearing Find Your Fade by Andrea Mowry, the 21 Stripe Slouch, the Crofthoose Hat by Ella Gordon, and the V-Neck Cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple.
Tara has been wearing the Gather Together by Joji Locatelli, which she purposely shrank in the dryer.  She also wears the Peerie Flooers Hat by Kate Davies on a daily basis.
The Sweat Shop of Love, Holiday Edition!
Ashley finished Socks on a Plane.  She is now working on the Smooth Operator Socks for her son.
Tara finished the World’s Simplest Mittens for her sons (and successfully fixed the mitten that was knit at a smaller gauge!) and a pair of Gynx Christmas socks for her husband.
On Christmas Eve, Tara casted on the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas using Hedgehog Fibers Sock in the Bramble colorway.
Ashley is working on the Land of Sweets Cowl using the Nox advent yarn.
Resolutions for 2018
Tara and Ashley share their resolutions for 2018!
Tara pledges:
* no new yarn!
* no yarn shopping!  (she references “My Year of No Shopping” by Ann Patchett)
* to knit from her beautiful stash!
* to manage her WIPs.
* to finish the knitting of her lace shawl design.
Ashley vows to:
* shop from her stash first.
* finish her WIPs (works-in-progress)!
* sew more!
* get back on track with running and complete numerous races.

Author: misadventuresinknitting

Tara and Ashley share a love of knitting, yarn and related misadventures. Between them both, they have enough stash to fill a yarn store, yet they don't have enough! They reside in Baltimore, MD.

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