Introductions! And, what exactly is a (mis)adventure in knitting?

Welcome to our blog!  We are so excited that you found your way here and decided to “hang out” with us!  This blog will detail information found in our tri-weekly podcast, “misadventures in knitting”, and will be a way to communicate during the weeks when we do not broadcast.

So, how about we introduce ourselves!  We are Tara and Ashley, two friends from Baltimore, MD, who share an over-the-moon love for knitting and yarn.  We work together at our local yarn store, Woolworks.  One evening in December 2016, after the customers left and the “closed” sign hung in the door, the idea of a knitting related podcast was born.  It was just a pipe-dream at first, but we both grew more serious and decided to make it a reality.

The podcast is called (mis)adventures in knitting because between the two of us, we seem to have a lot of them!  We are constantly tempted by new yarns, patterns and trends.  While we already have seven projects on the needles, we want to cast on the newly released shawl topping Ravelry’s “hot right now” list.  We own enough yarn to fill a decent sized yarn shop, but we lust for new colors, shades, and blends of fiber, driving our husbands and loved ones a bit crazy.  Our (mis)adventures spill into other creative outlets, with both of us wanting to get our hands on sewing machines and spinning wheels!

And of course, our biggest (mis)adventure, is sharing our love of knitting through the podcast and blog.  We hope you enjoy it!  This is new for us and if you listened to our first episode, you probably sensed some nervous excitement!  In our opinion, there is no friendlier place to be than the knitting and fiber community.  We hope our podcast lends itself to two-way communication, where you feel comfortable introducing yourself and your own (mis)adventures.  You can find our group on Ravelry and other updates on Instagram under the names misadventuresinknitting .